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INSULATED CABINS Extra options: As this log cabin would be made to order this means many other options can be added to adjust the building to your own bespoke requirements. Here are some popular choices other customers have chosen: Be assured that although you will be able to buy the products at a cheaper price the quality is exactly the same. INSULATED LOG CABINS LV starts to rain during the assembling process the wood should be covered over. LOG CABINS INSULATED Manufactured from high grade wood this log cabin has rooms and a handy upstairs storage area. Featuring 44mm thick log walls and toughened glass double glazing this log cabin is guaranteed to withstand all climates and last for years on end. INSULATED CABINS LV All our 34mm and above timber sizes come with Double Glazing as standard using highest quality 'Tilt & Turn windows'. LOG CABINS LV We supply the finest quality interlocking cabins available. We guarantee that there are no biscuit joints used throughout. The timbers used in the construction are sourced from renewable forests in Europe. Once the raw timber arrives at the mill it is processed using the latest CNC controlled machinery ensuring a perfect fit every time. This not only ensures quality at the highest possible level it also speeds up the process giving us the ability to pass the cost savings onto you the customer.

INSULATED CABINS Wood may last a long time but volatile humidity and temperature of the environment reduces its lasting ! Our manufacturer designs top quality log cabins and luxury log homes. Even our lowest price cabin has two bedrooms a bathroom and a kitchen within an open plan living area with an inviting log fire. Most also have room for a sauna. INSULATED LOG CABINS LV Our timber constructions are built using many of the traditional tools which allow us flexibility and precision in joinery design and fit. LOG CABINS INSULATED In longitudinal cut most of the wood has a nice decorative and often very appreciable cutout which is INSULATED CABINS LV These log cabins are available with wall thicknesses from 19mm (0.75") up to 115mm (4.5") in various styles and configurations. The thicker walled buildings from 45mm (1.8")- make great home offices with various upgrades available including double glazing roof and floor insulation. LOG CABINS LV The Log 35 to 60 cabins have a log length of 4.9m and have an area ranging from 35 to 60 square metres. They are slightly taller than the Log 15-33 range of cabins and have 1.2m high windows compared to 1m and a ceiling 11cm higher. Typical uses for Log 35 to 60 cabins are as holiday cabins site offices or granny annexes.

INSULATED CABINS wood" or "subnormal wood" often has a conditional complexion. On sawnon wood and sawn timber Click here to see our windows - with a 5 point locking system for security and added rubber weatherproof sealing for a perfect shut every time. INSULATED LOG CABINS LV Our wooden buildings have developed over the years from listening to our customers and Constantly improving their design to what they are today. LOG CABINS INSULATED volume decrease. When the wood absorbs humidity its linear measurements and volumes increase. INSULATED CABINS LV Unique and ecological houses LOG CABINS LV The style and look of a garden studio or home office can be a very personal choice the options can be many and varied. The walls roof and floor can be insulated using. NB. more people are turning towards the idea of a home office.

INSULATED CABINS Pricelist The benefit for the user is two fold. First post foundations are considerably cheaper to construct than a slab. Secondly the secret to maintaining wood in a healthy condition is good ventilation. With our system air is allowed to freely circulate right under the cabin which will discourage rot and fungus. INSULATED LOG CABINS LV The benefits of log homes has long been understood in Scandinavia now in Tasmania the message is getting out. LOG CABINS INSULATED The standard layout of the - - Log Cabins divides the interior to three living spaces. All recieve ample light through five double glazed 'tilt and turn' windows. Additionally the - - Log Cabin has a lovely covered and fenced porch area by the front door where you can sit relax and enjoy the fresh air! INSULATED CABINS LV This Double Garage is manufactured in the Log Cabin tradition from first class northern European trees. The solid 70mm wall logs naturally gives great insulation and security. This Log Cabin Double Garage also benefits from Double glazed access doors and several windows for ventilations whilst maintaining security. LOG CABINS LV is perfect for a multiple uses. The large canopy provides excellent protection from the weather. The cabin itself is split into two separate rooms each with individual double doors. Two rooms gives the cabin a number of uses for example office leisure residential or simply storage. The doors themselves are laminated wood with double glazed finish. Each room within the cabin has a double glazed window to provide light. The windows are finished with traditional shutters.

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